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Buying your rentcharge

The rentcharge that affects your home can be a tiresome burden. Why not redeem it? This will release you from the obligation of paying the rent. It will also enable you to prove to any future purchasers that the title to your house is unencumbered and make the sale process easier.

The Morgoed Estates offer

We offer to redeem all our rentcharges at a fixed cost price, which will be stated on the bottom of our rent demand. For this price we will take care of all legal work and provide for you a deed of release that acts as proof of purchase to subsequent owners of your home.

We are also able to offer an easy payment plan that allows the purchase price to be spread for up to a year without charge. Please contact us for details.

How the process works

Once you have agreed and paid the purchase price, we send back a confirmation letter and a form that should be completed. Please note that we will need the full names of all the present property owners. These will be used to draft a release deed, which should be kept with the deeds of your house to prove that you have redeemed the rentcharge.