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Small Portfolios 1-100 properties

Morgoed Estates does the vast majority of its own legal work and as such is able make excellent offers for portfolios of ground rents and rentcharges that would otherwise be too small to sell or auction due to the legal and agency fees involved. There is no need to involve your solicitors unless you wish and the offer we make will be the sum you receive with no deductions

Many portfolios of this size are handed down through families. If you have inherited such a portfolio or are dealing with an estate that owns one, we will make the purchase fast and hassle free. This will even be the case if the portfolio has a history of poor management.

Key points

  • Quick decision
  • Completion often possible within days
  • First-rate offers made on multiples of rent*
  • We will not knowingly be outbid
  • No legal fees charged by us
  • All legal work performed by us
  • "Problem" porfolios a speciality (e.g. loss of title deeds, rent arrears, etc)

If you are interested in selling your portfolio, feel free to contact us for an initial valuation. We will then ask for a schedule or rental record on which we will make a firm valuation. If necessary, we can reconstruct rent rolls from the deeds.




*offers vary depending on whether the portfolio consists of freehold ground rents, rentcharges or leasehold ground rents.