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Why have you not offered me the opportunity to buy my ground rent or rentcharge?

This usually happens in three cases.

The first is that you live in flat and that it is not possible to sell you the freehold as it would prejudice our interests, the interests of the other lessees in the block and make your flat unsaleable in the long term. If you are worried that your lease is becoming short, we will be happy to discuss terms for a lease extension. Please contact us for details.

The second is that we only own an intermediate leasehold interest. What this means is that you own the valuable long term lease, but there are one or more tiers of leases between you and the ultimate landlord who owns the freehold. You pay rent to us and we then pass on some or all of that rent to the next tier up. In this situation it would not be worthwhile for us to dispose of our interest to you as there would still be rent for you to pay. In many cases, however, we are actively seeking to exchange intermediate interests and freeholds with other landlords. If this happens, any freeholds acquired will be offered to you with the next rent demand in the usual way.

The third is that we only manage the properties on behalf of one of our managed portfolios. Obviously we cannot sell to you something we do not own. However, we are actively looking to purchase in all of our managed portfolios over the medium term and the properties bought in will be offered out to you in the normal way.