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Morgoed Estates for Developers

Due to the level of funding available to us we are able to buy ground rent portfolios of almost any size. For developers with completed projects we are actively seeking to purchase freeholds for excellent valuations

We are also able to work in partnership with developers at an earlier stage in the build process. This will typically include pre-purchase of the freehold and the provision of our legal expertise to enable developers to extract maximum value out of their freehold assets. This allows developers to gain valuable additional funding at the early stage of the build process with no loss in value of the development site. By contacting us at an early stage we can provide you with valuable advice on maximising the return to made from the ground rents in a development.

If you are interested in selling properties already completed, feel free to contact us for an initial valuation with details of the rent roll, a schedule of properties and a specimen lease.

If you are interested in our developer partnership package, please give us a call and we will outline how the partnership will work.