About us    

Morgoed Estates is a family owned ground rent investment company based in Shropshire. We particularly specialise in rentcharges and we are the largest buyer of these in the country.

We are active purchasers of all types of ground rents and rentcharges and currently have rents affecting in the region of 25,000 properties in our ownership. For small portfolios we can make quick decisions and give vendors a higher return than achievable by any other sale method. For developers and larger portfolios we have the ability to proceed on any size of transaction quickly and discreetly. For more details of what we can offer vendors, please see We Buy.

An important part of our business is our attention to detail and customer service. Where possible, we offer our customers the chance to purchase their freehold or rentcharge at a reasonable price that includes all our legal fees. We are easy to contact and all our staff are legally qualified or have experience in the field. For more details of how to purchase your ground rent or rentcharge, please see We Sell.

If you are unsure as to your legal position when receiving one of our rent demands or would like to know more about practical details or the law pertaining to ground rents or rentcharges, we deal with some of the most common queries in Your Questions.

Finally, whether you would like to sell a portfolio or enquire about purchasing your ground rent or rentcharge, feel free to Contact Us